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Regin XCA152W-4 EXOcompact Ardo DDC Controller

Specifications for XCA152W-4

Ethernet ports 1
RS485 ports 1
M-Bus ports
AI 4
DI 4
AO 3
DO 4
Inputs/Outputs 15

Product description of Regin XCA152W-4 EXOcompact Ardo DDC Controller

The Regin XCA152W-4 EXOcompact Ardo DDC Controller is a compact and versatile controller designed for building automation systems. It features a wide range of inputs and outputs, allowing it to control and monitor various HVAC and lighting systems. The controller has a user-friendly interface and can be easily programmed to meet specific building automation requirements. It also features built-in communication protocols, making it easy to integrate into existing building automation systems. With its advanced functionality and ease of use, the Regin XCA152W-4 EXOcompact Ardo DDC Controller is an ideal choice for building automation applications.

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