We are the authorized representatives of the following world-renowned Companies for marketing and servicing their products.

However, feedback received from several organizations having Used more than one company ‘s products as well as syndicated Analyses comparing the various other make has revealed that we Continue to offer and deliver the best ‘bundle’ of benefits to our clients.

With significant potential still untapped, it is expected that will continue to expand in scope, scale and geographic Coverage. As our company matures, multi-location strategies will Become the norm and will grow in size. Building on our existing Strengths, we will remain the leading company and will continue to Play an important role in marketing the products in a most cost-Effective way.


Mission: As a customer-oriented company we put emphasis on creating a transparent relationship with our customers and guaranteeing them the greatest possible level of flexibility as well as adherence to delivery dates. Always aiming for the highest degree of perfection in all our efforts, “ZENITH SAFETY SOLUTION” is a company committed to continually acquiring and developing skills that help to achieve goals and has allied with strategic business partners in its quest for sustainable development.

Our Vision:  The vision of “Zenith Safety Solution” is to provide high quality as well as long term service & cost-effective products with special emphasis on efficiency, safety, security, social development and conservation of the environment. “ZENITH SAFETY SOLUTION” is committed in maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times, in all its products and services. It’s Quality Management System has been developed to ensure that the requirements for all its critical activities are clearly identified, understood and agreed by all involved.


The team of “Zenith Safety Solution” is equipped with proper human resources specialized in different areas.


  • Management based on strong business principles and ethics.
  • Transparency and efficiency at all levels of operations.
  • Able leadership that believes in nurturing entrepreneurship.


  • A large pool of highly skilled tradesmen, technicians, engineers and managers.
  • A core team comprising of highly capable technocrats.


  • Adequate infrastructural facilities located in the Bangladesh for engineering and technical services to all over the countries.
  • Well established network for marketing and distributing for products and services.


  • Diversification into various fields of operation, insulating the company from vagaries of sudden market changes.
  • Wide range of activities include hi-tech engineering services, marketing & distribution of engineering equipment & products, sale of consumer durables, consultancy and others.
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