SCS Series Smoke Control Station

SCS-8, SCE-8, SCS-8L, SCE-8E

The SCS-8 Smoke Control Station and optional SCE-8 Smoke Control Expander, SCS-8L Smoke Control Lamp Driver, and SCE-8L Smoke Control Lamp Driver Expander are used with the NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Control Panels, NCA or NCA-2 Network Control Annunciator displays, or the INA, to provide the capability to control and display the status of AHU fans or dampers. Each SCS can control and monitor eight AHU fans or dampers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Capable of two modes of operation: Firefighter’s Smoke Control Station (FSCS) or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Communication to the SCS is accomplished over a two-wire serial interface employing an EIA-485 communication standard
  • Eight independent switch groups as well, however, since the SCS-8L/SCE-8L is a lamp driver version of the SCS-8/SCE-8 each switch group consists of contacts for connection of a three-position switch and contacts for connection of three lamps or LEDs
  • Power for the SCS is provided via a separate 24 VDC regulate power loop.  If power is lost, a trouble signal will result at the control panel
  • Each SCS has two rotary decimal switches for addressing and eight dipswitches for mode configuration
  • Only one SCE can be used for each SCS and a maximum of 32 pairs can be used with each NOTIFIER control panel
  • The system has the capability to control and monitor 512 separate AHU fans or dampers


  • UL Listed: file S5511
  • ULC Listed: file CS100
  • CSFM approved: file 7300-0028:183 (SCS-8, SCE-8 only)
  • MEA approved: 289-91-E8


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