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Regin DTV300X Differential Pressure Switch

Regin DTV300X Differential Pressure Switch for air and non-corrosive gases
Media Air and non-corrosive gases
Ambient temperature -20…+85°C
Storage temperature -40…+85°C
Max. overload pressure 10 kPa
Switch capacity Over 10 6 switching operations
Protection class IP54
Accessories, included Two pressure outlets (cut 60°) and 2 m plastic tube. Art. no.: ANS-1
Relay output Max. 1.5 A (0.4 A), 250 V AC, change-over contact
Cable connection AMP flat pin, 6.3 x 0.8 mm in accordance with DIN 46244. Cable gland with cable strain relief.
Pressure connection Connection pipes for 6 mm tube P1 (+) connects to higher pressure, P2 (-) to lower pressure


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