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Regin BF320-5.6 Modulating Valve

Specifications for BF320-5.6
Nominal diameterDN20
Kvs5.6 m 3 /h
ConnectionG ¾”
ΔPs (RVAN5)1000 kPa
ΔPmax (RVAN5)600 kPa
ΔPs (RVAN10)1600 kPa
ΔPmax (RVAN10)600 kPa

Regin BF320-5.6 Modulating Valve

The Regin BF320-5.6 Modulating Valve is a high-quality valve designed for precise control of the flow rate in HVAC systems. The valve is constructed from durable materials and features a reliable and efficient design, making it an excellent choice for a range of applications. The BF320-5.6 valve utilizes a unique modulating mechanism that allows for precise and accurate control over the flow rate, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. The valve is easy to install and use, and it is compatible with a range of Regin control systems. It is a top choice for customers who require a dependable and efficient valve for their HVAC systems.


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