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NFS-320 Notifier

 Engineered for small applications, establishing fire protection in seconds.


  • Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs): 1: Style 4, 6, or 7
  • Intelligent Devices: 318: (159 detectors/159 modules)
  • Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs): 4 (built-in): 1.5 amps ea
  • Voice Evacuation Available: Yes, Direct integration with FirstCommand 50/100. With DVC when part of standard or high-speed NOTI-FIRE-NET
  • Power: 6 amps total system power
  • Annunciators: 32 LCD type, 32 ACS type
  • Networkable: Yes, NOTI-FIRE-NET or High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET


  • UL Listed: S635.
  • ULC Listed: S635 (NFS-320C only, excludes IPDACT).
  • FM Approved.
  • CSFM: 7165-0028:0243.
  • MEA: 128-07-E.
  • Fire Dept. of New York: #6121.
  • City of Chicago

Product Description on NFS-320 Notifier

The NFS-320 Notifier is a highly reliable and versatile fire alarm control panel that can support up to 318 detection points. It features a modular design with multiple detection zones, making it easy to customize and expand as needed. The panel is easy to operate and provides clear and concise information about the status of the system.

It also supports networking with other panels, allowing for seamless integration with larger systems. The NFS-320 Notifier is a top choice for fire safety professionals who need a dependable and scalable fire alarm control panel.

Why should you buy Notifier NFS-320 from Zenith Safety Solution?

As an authorized distributor of Notifier by Honeywell in Bangladesh, we are pleased to offer competitive pricing for the NFS-320 fire alarm control panel. The price of the NFS-320 Notifier may vary depending on the specific needs and requirements of your facility. We offer a range of options and configurations to suit your budget and application.

Our team of experts can work with you to determine the best solution for your fire safety needs and provide you with a customized quote. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing and how we can help you protect your facility with Notifier by Honeywell.


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