DuraMaxx Safety Goggles

Honeywell DuraMaxx Clear Lens


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Technical Description:

Eyewear Type: Goggles

Shade Lens Color: Clear

Lens Coating: Dura-streme

Shade Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Replacement Lens: 1028135

Type: DuraMaxx

Frame Color: Blue/Gray

Frame Material: PP/TPE

Headband Clip: Headband – Neoprene

EU Category PPE

Quality Assurance
ISO 9001 / 2000

EU Certification
EU Attestation


DuraMaxx Safety Goggles Description

DuraMaxx is the first high-performance goggle for which wearers will not compromise. The DuraMaxx™ goggle provides wearers with a wide range of premium comfort and performance benefits. Its low-profile design and toric lens provide superior optics and unobstructed vision, while its soft, elastomer body flexes and conforms to the face for a comfortable, gap-free fit. DuraMaxx is an OTG goggle that fits over most prescription spectacles comfortably. Also, it is designed so that the goggle body does not push on the temples of the prescription frames or grab the spectacles upon removing the goggle. The goggle features exclusive Sperian coating technologies and an indirect venting system combined to minimize fogging to keep lenses clear and workers safe.

DuraMaxx goggle lenses come standard with Dura-streme™ coating technology (new from Sperian!). Dura-streme™ technology delivers tough, anti-scratch coating on the outside, and anti-fog coating on the inside, for lenses that last up to 3x* longer. DuraMaxx has a large adjustable headband, an easy, economical lens replacement system, and can be worn comfortably with prescription frames and a half-mask respirator. The clear lens is ideal for indoor use.


  • Low profile design and toric lens for a large panoramic field of vision
  • The OTG Goggle!


  • It does ensure an unobstructed vision, a must for regular goggle wearers
  • Fits over most prescription spectacles when still offering an incredible wearing comfort


  • Industry
  • Building and Construction
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Laboratory
  • Maintenance
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical


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