Fibre Metal F400 Head Gear

Fibre Metal F400 Medium Duty Faceshield Headgear

Made from Noryl,® the same material used in our welding helmets, High Performance faceshields are stronger, more durable and more heat resistant than ordinary faceshields.

৳ 3,200.00

Fibre-Metal Noryl Cap Mount Adapter with 4 inches crown headband extends the security without increasing weight and suits easily on the required spectacles or respirators. Adapter integrates a wide vision 8 inches X 17 inches windows and screens that offers 40% more protective area and features a slot/pin mechanism with locking cams. The channel grip system mounts windows and grips them in place in a deep recessed channel to secure from dirt and debris. This free floating headgear resists heat and offers durability.


  • Channel grip system
  • Slot/Pin mechanism with locking cams
  • Free floating headgear
  • Suspension can be removed to accommodate a range of Fiber-Metal attachment systems
  • Crowns made of advanced, heat-resistant Noryl material
  • SEI certified to comply with current ANSI standards


Meets ANSI Z87.1
Certified to SEI


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