Model: ES 81
Brand: Karam
Origin: India
Sensors on the front of the lens
• Cartridges for UV/IR protection
• Easily replaceable batteries
• Conforms to IS Specifications: En 175, EN 379 and also meets ANSI Z 87

KARAM ES-81 Welding Shield
Conforms to En 175, EN 379 and also meets ANSI Z 87

  • Polypropylene Impact Resistant Shell
  • Solar Panel
  • Size of lens 100mm x 10 mm
  • Red light activates on cartridges which shows the low battery situation.
  • Ratchet for Front and Back Adjustment.
  • Shade adjustment is made by the adjustable potentiometer on the outside of the Helmet shell prior to the use. The shades can be adjusted from Nos. 8 to 12

Features and Benefits of Face Shield

  • Size of lens 100mm x 10 mm.
  • There are indicative buttons on the lens for various actions.
  • Press the test button before each use.
  • Cartridge offers complete Ultra Violet/ Infrared protection lens means most indoor as well as outdoor welding requirements & can be used for the arc as well as TIG welding operations.
  • Helps in eliminating welder fatigue.
  • Depicts Low battery situation.
  • The batteries can be easily replaced once the following indications appear
  • The red light on the cartridge is activated.
  • The lens is in constant dark mode.

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